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Greenergie magazine is a technical and friendly magazine that will focus on providing accurate and insightful information on emerging technologies and new appraisal models in five different specifications. The aim of this publication is to enlighten interested readers to know the current trends of research and the latest development. This is in a bid spur up the creativity, innovation that can vehemently drive entrepreneurship and consequently contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.  The five niches of this magazine is discussed below.

Renewable Energy

With the high sparks of volatility that has intrinsically characterize the oil and gas industry, there is a dire need to develop alternative sources of energy that are renewable as well as environmentally friendly. This is not limited to solar including PVs and CSPs, Biofuels, geothermal, wind, nuclear, recycling carbon, hydro, hybrid system of solar and diesel gen-set, etc. As commonly said, Energy is the ability to do work. Without energy nothing can be done. Diversification of the Nigeria economy is only possible through the effective diversification of our energy sources.

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Advances in biotechnology related fields such as genomics, genetic engineering, chemical engineering and cell technology are transforming the industrial and environmental process and management landscape. Biotechnology now finds application in consumer electronics, bio-remediation, textile industry, mining, building products, oil and gas industry, health care, bio-plastics, biofuels, agriculture, food processing, waste management and pulp and paper production.


Carbon pollution is rising, oceans are becoming warmer, sea levels are rising, the temperature of the globe is rising and droughts are getting more intense. From the marine turtles off the coast of Africa to the polar bears in the artic, our planet’s diversity of life has been at risk. Mitigation is possible by adopting the circular economic model which is keen to improve resource mobilization and optimize productivity by keeping products in use for as long as possible through recovery, reuse, remanufacturing, repair and recycling.

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Oil and Gas Industry

The export of oil remains the biggest share of the nation’s foreign exchange. Despite the volatility of the oil market, fossil fuel will still remain major source of energy in the coming decades. However, most of the easily recovered oil fields are gone constraining oil companies to adopt intensive engineering practices and high capital investments to explore them. There is need to develop optimal process to reduce cost.


Insufficient business leaders and seasoned managers has so far retarded the growth of business in Africa. “Not to innovate is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organization. Not to know how to manage is the single largest reason for the failure of new ventures”. A business that want to be able to innovate and have a chance to succeed and prosper in a time of rapid change, has to build entrepreneurial management into its own system.

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