Win 500,000 Naira in the OVH Energy Essay Challenge

Deadline: June 3, 2018
Corporate responsibility is core for any 21st century organisation, creating an avenue for firms to positively influence their environment either through socially responsible business processes or actions. A good number of Nigerian organisations have adopted various socially responsible practices in their immediate community and nation as a whole.
In 1000 words or less, suggest innovative social initiatives that can be created and adopted by corporate organizations to encourage and promote impactful social change in Nigeria.
Grading Criteria

  • 40% – Originality, strength and suitability of proposed ideas
  • 20% – In-depth study/ specific reference to the downstream oil and gas sector
  • 15% –  Structure and coherence
  • 15% – Use of English, paragraphing/ pacing and punctuation
  • 10% – Adherence to writing terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Participant must be a Nigerian citizen, residing in Nigeria
  • Entries must be titled and should include authors full name
  • Participant must be between ages 20 – 35 years of age
  • Only one entry per participant is allowed. Jointly authored entries are not eligible.
  • Entries must be original thoughts of writer (plagiarized articles will be disqualified)
  • Entries must be submitted in .PDF format with Times New Roman (font size 14) and single line spacing
  • Writing limit – 1000 words
  • Late entries will not be accepted

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